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Recently I've started contributing to a number of magazines and blogs and I thought it would be mad convenient to keep the links to everything in one place! Convenient for me mostly, but you never know, some of the people I went to high school with might want to stalk me up and then it will be convenient for them!

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photographs by Tiziana Gualano 

I discuss the stigma against romance novels and why so many women feel compelled to hide their love of smutty, awesome books (click the photo taken by the amazing Tiziana Gualano to be transported to a world of ranty goodness)

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Ira Limon

"You're no supermodel" is something an extremely rude man once said to me but this article actually explores my discomfort around western beauty ideals and my struggle to be both insecure (not by choice) and a fist shaking feminist (definately by choice). The picture is by Ira Limon, click it to know more about how I once trimmed my own eyebrows with kitchen scissors.

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photographs by Tiziana Gualano 

A harrowing but ultimately happy tale about my quest for the ideal birth control (Spoiler alert: it wasn't abstinence)

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Sophie Pellegrini

A personal essay about one of the worst experiences of my life and what came after it. Trigger warning for more than just my usual bad language and period jokes.

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano

Struggling to live your creative dream while simultaneously not looking homeless? Ill-fitting bras make you want to punch someone in the face? Lied about being full at a restaurant because you spent your remaining $$$ on tampons and wine? Some thoughts...

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Adrianna Wojciechowska

Our time is an era of earthly destruction and we have to crack on as best we can. So, here is my best advice for any fellow humans who might feel, as I do, a bit nervous.

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Ida A

I was twenty-two when I first learned about consent. To be fair, I went to a Catholic school. The only sex-ed we got was a rundown on fallopian tubes (handy!).

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Arielle Jennings.

Some thoughts on men who stare...


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