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So my second novel got signed…

There’s less than twenty four hours of this crazy year left so I think I’ll do one more blog. I’m thrilled to announce my second novel Locked Box has been signed to Liquid Silver Books! Locked Box follows a socially awkward game designer who is unfortunately (or is that fortunately?) trapped at work for the weekend with her extremely good-looking colleague. I absolutely love this story which is set in mah homeland (Melbourne, Australia) and features my favourite male lead to date, Max (see the picture above for what I imagine he looks like.) I’m can’t wait to tackle the editing/promoting process as a non-newbie and hope you’ll stay tuned for more news in the New Year. Personally I’m going to a mate’s house for drinks because damn does NYE create some false expectations of what’s fun. Enjoy the last of 2015. Personally despite the international trouble and strife it’s been the best year of my life (shit that rhymes. When you read pronounce the words so they don’t rhyme.) Happy New Year everyone and a wonderful 2016. Eve xx

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