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Why do you write filth instead of real books?
I absolutely love erotica. I think it is such an important genre for women. Sex is real, female fantasies are real and stories that focus women finding love and hot sex are as relevant as ones in which lonely men inject heroin into their eyeballs. Yet one is considered trash and the other almost universally insightful. Boo I say. Boo. 



What are your qualifications?
I lost my virginity in 2007… Oh you mean my writing qualifications?  Well, I have a degree in journalism that never held much water as an actual journalist. But I did once write an article about a new bridge entitled ‘Risky Bridgeness.’ If that doesn’t convince you to buy my work, nothing will.



Are you a feminist? If so why do you write about dudes who are jerks in the sack?
Does the pope wear a big hat? Hell freaking yeah I’m a feminist. Some of my love scenes (hur, hur, hur) involve fantasy-play which can mean harsh language or aggressive actions but these are done for the mutual pleasure of both parties, with safe words firmly in place. The female characters are partaking in something they want to experience, often something they instigated in the first place. I will never write a rape scene, I do not romanticise misogyny but I, along with many millions of other well-rounded individuals, find consensual power play sexy and that’s what I explore in my books.
Who are your favourite romance authors?
Among millions of others, I adore Charlotte Stein, Cara McKenna, Anne Calhoun and Tessa Bailey. It’s amazing how each writer develops their own unique style of hero. Ms Stein does the best goofy beefcakes, Ms McKenna nails the sexy domineering type, Ms Calhoun’s boys brood like nobody’s business and Ms Bailey’s dirty talk is out of this world.


What are you bringing to the table newb?
I don’t know. I’m amazed anyone has agreed to publish my work. I keep waiting for someone to snatch my keyboard away and bonk me on the nose with it. For what it’s worth I write sexy contemporary romances about men I’d certainly want to sleep with and women who closely resemble my dearest and most hilarious friends. That seems to be working so far.

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