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My first EVER Book Review

In addition to chosing a cover, having an author page on Goodreads and being able to tell people "my first novel's been published. And not by me!" I've been looking forward to my first book review (from someone I dont share DNA with) for ages. So not because I'm bragging or self promoting (although there is also that) I've decided to blog my first review. It was written by a charming woman running Romazing Reviews. She read Degrees of Control (that first novel that I didnt publish myself, you remember? From the paragraph above?) and reduced me to piles of womanly tears. Here goes;

I'm in full-on book-love mode! I am so happy I got to read this story! So incredibly unexpected and fabulously erotic! A great cast of smart, endearing, funny characters and a ton of mind-blowing sexy times! I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Charlotte, aka Charlie. She's refreshingly honest, a fun friend and a really cute hentai manga-like sweetheart! I love how Charlie and James couldn't be more different from each other, true opposites in every way, but they have a special spark of instant connection when they meet, that's so intense but so vulnerable at the same time. It actually makes them perfect for each other because neither are truly as they appear...Their push and pull drama and all that super steamy role play was so dark and edgy! It's kind of intoxicating! I'm still fanning myself! Charlie is this sweet and sassy Aussie, with a really kinky twist inside, while James is a rich, charming executive with model looks but lots of control issues... She's quick witted, kind and learning to be a bold new girl and he's so angsty, dominating and discovering how to trust...I have to just say this ...I'm so hooked on James' hot dirty-talkin' Texas made me blush!! James and Charlotte become ensnared, enamored, even a little addicted to each other, until real feelings wiggle in to the mix and mucks it all up... The title is so fitting because I felt all the many degrees of control each of them exert over each other and over themselves throughout the whole story and right up to the very end. Also, all the degrees of control it takes James and Charlie to work out their problems and to get both their hearts aligned. What a very romantic ending... Loved it! A brilliant and charming read that I highly recommend for any one looking for a love story full of surprises and a very different take on this kind of BDSM, kinky romance. (thank you Eve, for the ARC for an honest review. Book To Be Released 11/30/15.

Dammit, now I'm crying again. See the review yourself on Degrees of Control comes out on the November 30 2015. I can't freaking wait.

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