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“Deliciously kinky, entertaining, perfectly paced and absolutely unputdownable!” - Dirty Girl Romance Blog Charlotte Bell was abandoned by her boyfriend a few months into their ‘dream life.’ Now she’s barely making ends meet in a rough part of Minneapolis, teaching yoga and dreaming about her One True Guy. The man who’ll do all the things she’s only fantasized about… James Hunter has never worked for a damn thing. Why would he? He’s got his daddy’s money, his good looks, and more women than he knows what to do with. On paper, he’s a businessman, but his true profession is keeping girls from thinking he’ll ever marry them. “This book was crazy insanely blazingly dirty filthy hot!” - Mandy, Goodreads review When James’ cousin sets him up with her yoga teacher, he’s more than down. What man wouldn’t want to break in a starry-eyed submissive? Especially one as innocent and beautiful as Charlotte? But he hadn’t counted on her being perfectly suited to his needs. She does anything he wants, even better than he could hope for. He'll spend every dollar he has to keep her in his bed, but how can he protect his heart? “Sexy, sweet, steamy, erotic and perfect in every way!” - Beanimous, romance blogger


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