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The book's finally here!

It's been a little while since I've blogged but in my absence my first novel, Degrees of Control was finally released! I can't decide if it feels like an eternity or five seconds since I first found out I was getting published but I do know I'm as proud as punch and so grateful to everyone who contributed their time; proofing, encouraging, promoting and generally being amazing. I truly never thought I would be staring at my own author page on Amazon and while it's just a small step on what I hope is a long and rewarding journey it's pretty damn cool. Reactions from my friends and family have been overwhelmingly positive and I'm thrilled to have started a conversation about sex and romance and female desire, subjects that are not easily accessed in day to day life. Most of all I'm just glad that it's done. No more proofing, no more wondering if James sounds like a 24 year old woman. Degrees exists in its own little bubble now, free to be interpreted by the wider world on its own merits. And I can get to work on my next novel, knowing it'll never be as hard, as new or as terrifying as it was at the beginning ever again.

In other news; my blog tour via the amazing Enchanted Book Promotions has commenced, please check out the specifics at the link below. the.

Also links to places where you can buy my Degrees of Control are as follows.

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