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Locked Box Release Playlist!

In honour of Locked Box's release Jackson and I created a playlist that we think best sums up the book. Also it's just cool. There's probably a better way to do this, maybe on YouTube itself but I don't know how to do that shit so here you go...

UPDATE: the AMAZING Book Servants actually made my playlist into a thing on Youtube, click here to listen!


Gold, Kiiara

10am, Gare du Nord, Keaton Henson Love Yourself, Justin Bieber, Teddy Cream Remix

I Pay Tax, The Meeting Tree

Never Be Like you, Flume ft, Kai

Protect Ya Neck, Wu Tang Halcyon, The Paper Kites 1995, Hilltop Hoods feat. Montaigne & Tom Thum Any Colour You Like, Pink Floyd

Stranger, Angus and Julia Stone

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