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Bella J Stilleto Secrets Cover reveal

Bella J has revealed the sexy as hell new cover for her next release Stilletto Secrets. We had a little chat about her amazing new book and her enduring (and completely baffling) crush on Nick Bateman.

Where did you come up with the idea to write an adult fairy tale? It's the weirdest thing - I was listening to Warriors by Imagine Dragons and I just had this image of a panty-melting rich bastard standing in front of his floor to ceiling window feeling completely content with his perfect fucking life. Where the fairy tale element came from, I have no idea. It just popped up right there with Nicholas Blake. Who do you think your hero looks like if you could pick any famous guy (please say Tom Hardy, please say Tom Hardy) Hahaha - It's not Tom Hardy no... But I'm sure you can already guess who it is ;) It's Nick Bateman isn't it... Have you seen that guy in a suit?? My God, of course it's him. Now just think, Tom Hardy is real hot and sexy, but in a rough, bad, dirty, kinda way. He's no arrogant, perfectly groomed, corporate suit kinda guy. Nick totally is though. Btw, have you seen what he can do with a stick? No... should I have? You should. Or, you can always check out all the pics of his cute little dog. No thanks. Do you have another series of adult fairy tales lined up? I have three novels planned for FTB (maybe four). But besides Resplendence, I don't have another series lined up. I do have a few ideas for standalones though. We'll see how it goes.

Stiletto Secrets will be released on April 25, 2016

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