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Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway

I'm participating in the amazing Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway with my latest novel Degrees of Control. Please sign up there are so many amazing prizes from talented authors to be won.

Here is my sexy extract:

It had been so easy for Charlie to arrange this meeting by text and imagine herself behaving with dignity but this was reality where she kept ranting about dogs and giving James the thumbs-up. In her defense, he hadn’t asked if she wanted a drink or invited her to sit down. She had no idea what to do aside from stand awkwardly in his lounge room. James took a deep swig from his glass and examined her clothes. “You know what you look like?” “W-what?” “A girl from one of those slutty Japanese cartoons.” He gave her body another once-over. “Yeah, you do. All those girls have big eyes, big tits and innocence that’s just begging to be corrupted.” Except she totally had pubic hair... “Am I the first person to tell you that, Blue-Eyes?” Charlie shook her head. An ex once showed her a hentai porn comic with a character who looked so much like her it was creepy. “Didn’t think so. You ever watched one of those cartoons? Thought about being the girl in tight clothes who gets tied up and played with?” All the air seemed to whoosh out of Charlie’s lungs. James smirked, placing his glass on the coffee table with a hard clink. He straightened up and eyed her so intently he might as well have brought up his hands and made a picture frame. “I love that look on your face. All nervous but so fucking eager, like you’re gonna cream your panties the minute I lay a hand on you.” He strode toward her and she felt herself shrink under his much larger presence. He pushed a strand of hair from her eyes, letting his hand linger on her neck. At his touch she did indeed feel an answering clench in her cunt, sparks flickering from his skin to hers. She pressed her thighs together, taking pleasure from the ache. James gave her a lazy smile. “Yeah, you’re real wet for me, aren’t you, sweetheart.” It wasn’t a question so Charlie didn’t answer, she let her gaze fall to the carpet, looking down at their toes. Hers covered in black leather, his golden brown with broad pink nails. His hand cupped her chin, bringing her eyes to his. “You’re gonna look at me. I know you’re a good little hentai girl and you wanna stare at your feet and go red and act like you don’t want my cock as much as you do, but you’re gonna look at me while I fuck you. While I do anything to you. Starting now, you understand?” Charlie nodded, her heart in her throat. James leaned forward and kissed her. She tasted malt on his tongue and vaguely wondered if she’d ever be able to smell whiskey without associating it with sex. He pressed his big palms against her breasts, and Charlie moaned. The feel of him through all that taut silk was worth the whole librarian ensemble. “I’m gonna play with you a bit, darlin’, that okay with you?” Charlie tried to respond but James’ tongue was in her mouth again, owning her. He brought a finger to her lips. “I’m gonna say and do a lot of things to you, sweetheart, hard and as often as I want. You’ve had enough, you say red. You want it to slow down, you say yellow. Otherwise you stay quiet, you got that?” Charlie nodded, it was as though James had cast a net over her from head to toe, everything was tingling and taut. “Good girl. The only other thing you’ve got permission to say tonight is my name. You understand that?” She nodded. “So say it, girl.” “James.” He pulled away and settled himself on the brown leather couch, picking up his drink. Charlie moved to join him and he shook his head. “You stay right where you are, darlin’.” The bite behind his words made her straighten. He brought the tumbler to his mouth, and Charlie watched his powerful throat work. He put the empty glass down and reclined on the sofa, resting his feet on the coffee table and tucking his hands behind his head. “Take your shirt off. Slowly.” With shaking fingers, Charlie plucked at the buttons holding her blouse together. The material whispered over her skin to expose her bare breasts. She stared at James as he commanded, hoping for a reaction, but his expression was one of complete indifference. “Now the skirt.” Charlie didn’t think she’d ever felt this exposed. Her hands lurched up to her hair, stroking it nervously before she reached for the fastener on her pencil skirt. His hazel eyes bore into hers as he rubbed a palm across the front of his jeans, stroking the bulge that lay below. Charlie let Holly’s skirt pool around her ankles. Her panties were cheap but new. She hadn’t wanted to wear anything for him that she’d ever worn for Dale. James stared at the ornate love heart woven into her pale pink bikini briefs and she saw something flicker in his eyes. “Turn around.” She did what she was told, her feet swaying slightly in the pumps. “Bend over.” Her pulse throbbed in her neck as she arched her back and exposed herself to him. Her thighs were wet with arousal; her dampness surely saturating the thin material of her panties. She could hear him breathing, harsh and deep. There was a long pause, broken only by the rasp of a zipper being unfastened. The harsh sound was enough to startle her. Was he going to jerk off to her like she was an unpaid stripper? “Slide your panties down.” Charlie hooked her thumb into the waistband of pastel-colored briefs and hesitated. “Now.” Shame and excitement swirled in her stomach until she couldn’t tell one from another. The pink cloth fell to her ankles. The music helped, it set the scene for something dark and sensuous, an eager girl stripping for a powerful man. Being owned and admired. On the map of her sexual history, certain landmarks stuck out like cities. Her first orgasm, kissing a boy and feeling a strange hard length against her thigh, seeing a movie about a woman forced into orgasm and soaking her underpants. Moments where her buzzers lit up with that bright, scary feeling that meant only one thing, I want that. Now another milestone was taking place. “Look at me.” Charlie twisted her head to stare at him over her shoulder. James’ erection jutted out from his jeans and he stroked himself lazily. “You’ve got a body like a fucking dream, Blue-Eyes. Turn back and give me another look at your tits.” Arousal swelled between her thighs like a wave. James’ hair gleamed gold and his eyes were deep green pools. He looked like a god, some powerful being that she needed to obey. She turned, her breasts bouncing with the motion. James smirked. “Put your hands on yourself, darlin’. Show me what you like.” For the first time in years Charlie felt drunk. Her brain was swollen, her thoughts three steps behind her mouth. She ran her hands across her collarbone, trailing her fingers across her breasts and shuddering as she brushed over her nipples. “That’s good, honey, keep going.” Charlie pressed her nipples harder, a small sob escaping her mouth. It was too much and she closed her eyes. “Look at me.” She forced her lids to part. James stared at her, eyes glittering. “You close your eyes one more time, I’m gonna get mean, sweetheart, you understand?” Charlie nodded. “Good. Now. When you’re thinking about me fucking you, how do I take you?” She didn’t have to think. In every fantasy she had, he tore away her skirt and mounted her like an animal. “From behind.” “From behind what?” She almost choked on her own arousal. “From behind, James.” He grimaced. “Changed my mind about that third word you’re allowed to say, sweetheart. Where I’m from, you don’t call a man by his first name. It’s disrespectful. You’re gonna call me Mr. Hunter.” Leave, some cowardly part of her mind screamed. Don’t do this. “Yes, Mr. Hunter.” “Good girl,” he drawled, spreading his arms along the top of the couch. “I can see from the way you’re rubbing those wet little thighs together that you’re horny. Do you want me to fuck you, Charlotte?” It felt like all the blood in her body was pounding between her legs. “Yes, Mr. Hunter.” “Then come over here and work for it.” Shaking, Charlie forced her legs to bring her closer. She sank her stockinged knees into the thick carpet before him. He rose above her like an idol she’d come to worship. Up close his cock was magnificent, long and thick and the same gleaming gold color as the rest of him. A bead of pre-come welled at the tip, and instinctively she leaned forward and licked it, the musky flavor of his arousal spilling across her tongue. James hissed, his hips jolting upward. “Go on, sweetheart. Those lips of yours were made for sucking cock.” The brash praise made her face heat. She wanted to fawn over him and earn more filthy admiration. It was her first taste of true submission and she was drunk on it, high from it. She licked down the length of his shaft, measuring him with her tongue. “I said suck, darlin’, not tease.” James wound a hand through her hair. “Take it as far as you can, now.” She obeyed, bringing her lips to the head of his cock and swallowing until his cock was resting at the back of her throat. Charlie swallowed repeatedly, letting her palate adjust to his girth. Humming gently to keep her throat relaxed, she took him as deep as possible, wrapping a fist at the base and pumping what remained. She felt James recline on the couch, letting his hand rise and fall with her head. “That’s it, sweetheart, get me ready for your pussy.” From deep within his lap Charlie moaned, and he laughed. “You’re eager, aren’t you, darlin’? I bet your tight little body is just dying to get filled up, huh?” Charlie squeezed her stockinged thighs together, trying to distract herself from her own arousal. He laughed again, more than a little cruelty in his voice. “I’m gonna lie back now, sweetheart, focus on how good it feels to have a sweet little thing like you blowing me like it’s my fuckin’ birthday. I’d say don’t work too hard but something tells me you wouldn’t listen. You think if you suck me well enough you’ll get fucked sooner.”

Kinda clit-teasy I know but should you wish to read Degrees of Control it can be found here: Amazon Itunes

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