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Something Borrowed release! (In Australia but soon everywhere else too!)

Did you guys know I have a twin? I do, his name is Steve Dangerfield and since I wasn't feeling too well this release day he stepped in for the social media pics. He did okay, although, geez would it kill the man to smile? He's so serious...

Sidenote: If you're wondering why I did this, it's because it made me laugh, which explains like, 70 percent of my overall life behavior.

Anyway Something Borrowed is here! And it's awesome and you should buy it and read it and review it and enrich your life forever! Also, here's the link to the playlist I made to celebrate, it sums up the tone of the book better than I ever could, especially the Snakehips song 'Don't Leave' which feels like it was written just for Jackson and Elle.

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