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Act Your Age is LIVE! 💖

"I'll make you see god Middleton, I'll make you think I am god."

Ty is here and he's eager to please!

If that quote doesn't sway you, how about these reviews?

"A love letter to readers who've ever been made to feel weird for loving daddy kink. Dangerfield is a bold, brilliant, captivating voice who should be at the very top of your TBR." -New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey "Thoughtful and incredibly hot, I loved Act Your Age! Eve Dangerfield is a new auto buy author for me." -New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren "It's 2am and this book is everything and I. Am. Dead. If you have to read one daddy book-read this one." -New York Times bestselling author L.J. Shen "This book was magic. Flawlessly written, make you squirm uncomfortably and laugh out loud magic!" -Dirty Girl Romance (5 stars) "Eve Dangerfield continues to delight with this totally filthy story that also manages to be funny, heartfelt and utterly original." -Book Bellas (5 stars) "Act Your Age is the 'Daddy' of all Daddy books." -Paige, Romance Blogger (4 stars) "I think Eve Dangerfield is a wonderful and talented author. BUT...every bloody time she sends me a message, the panic sets in. WHAT WILL SHE THINK OF NEXT? This chick loves pushing me out of my comfort zone." -Stacey is Sassy, Romance Blogger (4 stars) What Is Happening To My Body? This is the HOTTEST book I've read in a looooong time. -Jennifer, Dirty Girl Romance (4 stars) For those of you that see the words "Daddy" and "sex" in the same book synopsis and head for the hills, I feel your pain. I was a little hesitant going into Act Your Age but I figured I'd wade in carefully and give it a shot. I'm so freaking glad I did! -Jen, top Goodreads Romance Blogger (4.5 Big Daddy stars) "You made me stay up until 4am when I had uni the next day. I might fail my degree because of you." -Eve's Best Friend (1,000 stars)

Go on, read it, you know you want to...

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