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So Wild Live and avaliable!

🖤🍀Happy So Wild release day from Dublin!!! 🖤🍀 If fairies were real they'd live in Ireland. Unfortunately, if ghosts were real they'd for defs live here too. So Wild is my tenth novel (ferk) and available on all the usual ebook platforms. The early reviews have been fucking amazing "There are so many things I love about this book! Love Sam sass! Love Scott protectiveness. What a great start to a new series." "I know I haven’t done this story justice, but, I tried, lordy, how I tried. If you haven’t tried an Eve Dangerfield, I would highly suggest giving her a go. This one's going straight to my best-of-the-bestest shelf"

Also, boss author and chip defender Kylie Scott said this 😍 "Raw family dynamics matched with a steamy and emotional love story makes So Wild a perfect modern romance read."

Ooh, also, for the first time I'm having paperbacks done up, so stay tuned if you're into IRL books and a fan of my particular brand of curse-laden filth. Love, Eve xx

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