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1. So Steady contains 26 instances of the c word.

What am I? Not going to say the c-word 26 times in both sexual and non-sexual contexts? Just give up on being Australian??? NOT TODAY I WONT!

2. So Steady includes 338 instances of the f word. Hmm...

Can you believe I wasn’t allowed to swear as a kid and would still get massively chewed out for saying ‘fucking hell!’ if I burned my finger in my parents house? I’m starting to think I’m overcompensating for something…

3. Australians call motorcycle gang members ‘bikies’ (buy-keys) not ‘bikers.’

Early American reviewers have already expressed confusion and hurt over this phrasing. Maybe the ‘ie’ makes dangerous criminals sound like little kids? Big dunnos on that front—but you can’t write a hardass Australian ex-criminal and have him call himself a ‘biker.’ That’s just not cricket. Also, watch THIS

4. Nicole is my first anxious heroine.

I’ve written a lot of novels about unconventional women and I love them all, but Nikki holds a special place in my heart. She’s a perfectionist. Writing her was a bit nerve wracking. She's the part of me who strives to the point of self-injury. I want to be Daniel from Taunt, Sam from So Wild, Charlie from Degrees of Control and sometimes I am, but I'm also Nicole. And type A fuckers deserve love too.

5. One of So Steady’s heroes had an STI.

Because fuck it, someone had to write a contemporary romance where a main character had chlamydia—a thing millions of people get and are cured of. Anyway, are you really that surprised? I wrote a whole book about daddy sex. And I constantly say ‘fuck.’

PRE-ORDER SO STEADY, C-words! Release day 14, August 2019

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