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Something Borrowed free on Amazon!

Something Borrowed, my first enemies to lovers novel is free on Kindle! Kindle:

Check out the amazing reviews!

The characters were interesting, original and a little crazy, the story line sucked me in from the very first page and the steamy scenes were some of the HOTTEST I've ever read. -Stacey is Sassy, Goodreads If you're not laughing while you read Something Borrowed, you'llprobably be crying or wishing you read this in a more private setting! -Erani Kole, Blogger Honestly? I'd have paid double for this book, gladly! The sexual tension,alone, is more than worth whatever the price. I love a good enemies-to-loversstory, anyway and this one is a doozy! Funny, sexy, addicting, I could barelyput it down. -Charli Deane, blogger Honestly, if I could give this book more than 5 stars, it woulddefinitely be deserved. Something Borrowed blew my freaking socks off. I stayedup until 2am devouring this book! -Miss Meli All of Eve Dangerfield's books have been so unique and with great depth ofemotion. Her characters are complicated with lots of layers but also very real. -Love Notes Book Blog

Two things I absolutely love in contemporary romance: great banter between the main characters, and an enemies-to-lovers theme. This story had an abundance of both, making this a thoroughly entertaining reading experience. -Just Let Me Read, Goodreads Something Borrowed is Eve Dangerfield's latest erotic contemporary gem and probably my favorite of all of her books so far, which is saying something. -Jessica Cale, Romance author The writing is exceptional like I have come to expect from this author. This is a NA book and it is so good I could not put it down. Every time I had to I rushed to get things done so I could get back to this as quick as possible.

-Rockstar Book Muse Blog

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