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First and Forever Cover reveal!

First and Forever is now available for pre-sale on all platforms.

This is the third novel in the critically acclaimed Rebirth series, a fake dating romance with steamy scenes that include a trip to the Victorian-era doctor's office and OnlyFans roleplay.

The blurb is below, pre-order and add to your Goodreads TBR now!

Football player Sloan ‘Willow’ Williams has been looking for The One for years. He’s checked all the right places—and some of the wrong ones—and found sh*t all. But the moment he sees Eden Jade Cartwright, he knows she’s the girl for him.

Unfortunately, her entourage won’t let him anywhere near her...

Eden doesn’t want anything, aside from an international music career. She does, however, enjoy being worshipped, which the giant redhead seems inclined to do. But with a world tour beckoning, now isn’t the right time for a boyfriend...

Willow has the perfect solution; a short, fake relationship that will boost Eden’s clout and scratch both their itches. Only he’s hoping the beautiful blonde will keep him around. And Eden's praying she’ll be able to let him go…

First and Forever is a standalone romance by the critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield.


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