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My Upcoming Snow White novel...

I’m writing a modern-day Snow White trilogy for Dangerous Press and I AM THRILLED ABOUT IT! Velvet Cruelty is now available for pre-sale!


Once upon a time, I was promised to a powerful man. I'm Harlow Constantine, and I know my duty. But on my wedding day, I'm stolen by four men. Men who loathe my fiancé. They're going to use me to fulfill their vendetta.

One of them only wants my body. One of them wants me as his wife. Another one offers freedom... at a price. And the last wants me dead.

I was raised to be a good society wife. Now I'm facing a battle of wits and breathless desire. My only hope is to set aside my innocence. Or learn to use it as a weapon.

Stay tuned for more details, this series is honestly one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done


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