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Taunt sequel scrappies

While wading through my files I found some preliminary stuff I wrote for the never to be Taunt sequel Mock and one part was so cute I wanted to make it available. Basically, Colt is super growly and demands to know Daniel's body count. She tells him and he.... doesn't take it well.

Daniel hesitated. “It’s like… three hundred and fourteen?” There was a long silence. “You’re joking,” Colt said in a low voice. “Okay. I’m joking.” There was another long silence. “I’m not though.” Colt’s face darkened like a pending monsoon. “You’re telling me. You’ve fucked. Three hundred. And fourteen. Men?” “Umm…”

Three hundred and fourteen men?"

“Look, you’re not thinking about this the right way—”

“Daniel,” John warned. “No, I mean it. I’m twenty-seven and how many weeks are there in a year? Fifty-two?” Daniel.” “So if I started fucking when I was eighteen and it’s been nine years that’s only like, thirty-three dudes a year! Frankly, I’m surprised it’s not more!”

Colt seemed very unreceptive to what Daniel thought was pretty sound logic.

“I can’t fucking believe this,” he muttered running his hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. “This is un-fucking-believable.”

“Why? You knew I was a slut when we met! Think about what I was wearing!”


That's the most coherent paragraph I found, but I thought it was worth preserving. That and the line

“Are you fucking for real? I will dead-set have you murdered. That is no joke. My boyfriends are ex-military and they do not have a lot to live for.”

Also if you're a fan and haven't read Taunt you should. It's one of my personal favourites and a bit of a cult classic.


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