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Velvet Cruelty Excerpt

My modern Snow White tale VC iscoming out on October 11, 2022

Available for pre-order now!

“There’s a saying,” I murmur in her ear. “‘It’s nice to drive a Ferrari, but then you can’t watch it go by.’ You are that Ferrari, January. Sometimes I want to drive and sometimes I want to watch you be driven. To loan you to someone I trust because that is my pleasure.”

“I… I’m not a car, I’m a girl.”

“A pretty, obedient little girl,” I say, bringing my second hand between her splayed thighs. Her cunt is soaking, and there’s no resistance as I slide a fingertip inside her. When I pump, she whines like a lost kitty—just like Bobby said she would.

“My brothers and I are busy men, bella. We travel and work long hours. We don’t have time to date. Sex is easy to come by, but home comforts are another matter.”

I pulse my fingertip inside her, careful not to penetrate too deeply.

“The longer you’re here, the more I think it might be practical to keep you. A little woman for us to play with.”

Her head tips back onto my shoulder, her green eyes glazed. “I don’t know…”

“So don’t know. Let me know for you. I’m telling you that there is nothing you would like more than to live in my house and cook and sing and get fucked by four men.”

Her cunt ripples around my hand. “No…”

“Don’t deny it. Just the thought of being ours has you coming all over my fingers.”

She tosses her head from side to side. “But Adriano hates me.”

“And sometimes it’s a pleasure to fuck what you hate.”

I rub her in firm circles and she grips my wrist and tries to push my hand away. I shake her off, pulsing and stroking at once.

“No…” She whispers. “Please.”

Her inner muscles clench tight around me, practically drawing me in. I’m going to make her come. Show her where she belongs.

She twists against me, gasping. “I don’t want to be a mistress. I want to be special to someone.”

“Have you not listened to a word I said? You’d be special to all four of us.”

“No. You’re lying. You’re just scared to love someone the way your father loved your mother.”

The words are a knife in my chest. I stand, letting her tumble onto the floor. She cowers below me, shock written across her face. “Apologize, Miss Whitehall. Now.”


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