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Taunt: A New Release Coming Soon!

I can now happily announce that my third novel Taunt will be released on November 28! (Actually Taunt is my fourth novel but it will be coming out third so bear with me as I get helplessly confused about the numbers three and four)

A little about Taunt; it's pretty different from my previous novels, a thriller with a little ménage twist to it. I wanted to write something challenging and I definitely succeeded. This book required a lot of medicinal tequila and tears and yet here we are! Ready to roll! Here’s a lil blurb;

Kiwi genius Daniel Schwartz never meant to uncover the apocalypse. When she does its clear there’s only one solution; ignore it and get smashed as.

Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn’t agree. A sinister corporation kidnaps Dani and places her in a beachside prison until she spills the beans. She’d be pretty annoyed if she wasn’t; a) Biologically incapable of being annoyed. b) Super attracted to the men guarding her. John, Colt and Seb have poured a lot of timeand money their private security business the last thing they need is to waste time babysitting a hyperactive hippie hacktivist. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happens when they sign a shady corporate contract. Yet each man finds he likes the weird, pop-obsessed Daniel and they become increasingly infatuated with her and she with them. It's then that the big questions emerge; ‘How do you escape when there’s nowhere safe to run to?’ ‘How does a commitmentphobe fall for three dudes?’ and ‘Should New Zealanders kick people who call them Hobbits?’ (yes).

Taunt is an erotic thriller full of suspense, science, period jokes and good old fashioned lust.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal which will take place on October 13th (Just a heads up Taunt’s cover is BY FAR the sexiest one I've ever recieved and I am excited as heck to show you guys.

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